Gel nails are a great way to ensure your nails look great for longer. They can last up to two weeks - often longer with many of my clients - plus they don't damage the nail. A number of my clients have found gel nails have actually made their nails stronger over time.


It is important that gel polish is removed correctly so as not to damage the nails.


Below, I have compiled a handy guide and top tips to removing gel polish:

1. NEVER peel gel polish from your nails - so many people feel the urge to do this but DON'T! This can seriously damage your natural nail.

2. Gently buff your gel nails to remove the top coat.

3. Saturate the cotton pad on your wrap with nail polish remover (with acetone), place on your finger nail and wrap around your finger.

4. Leave for fifteen minutes and then remove one pad. The polish should have lifted and crumbled, if not soak the pad again and place back on finger for another five minutes.

5. Once all polish has been removed, add some cuticle oil or moisturise hands well paying attention to the nails.

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